A History of Dark Matter?
Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007 @ 20:37:25 GMT
Topic: Science

Sepp Hasslberger writes: Paul Rowe has been investigating an interesting phenomenon - the unexplained production of hydrogen in circumstances that should not ordinarily allow for the release of the gas. In an earlier article, Hydrogen From Space - The Aether 'Comes Alive', Rowe introduced the argument with a screenplay - The Fall and Rise of the House of Cards - where we find him in conversation with some of the great luminaries of physics. In a very vivid dream, he is trying - with limited success - to get them to admit that they already knew in their own lifetime what Rowe has happened upon by his own experiments.

Infinite Energy magazine wrote about the hydrogen riddle in a two-part article: An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy? and An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy? Part II.

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