STAIF 2007 Conference Minutes
Date: Monday, March 12, 2007 @ 21:17:34 GMT
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From AmericanAntigravity site: Conference Minutes & General Notes by Gary Stephenson

The Space Technology Applications International Forum (STAIF) 2007 Conference was held at the Hotel Albuquerque from 12 Feb through 15 Feb 2007. I attended the sessions that were part of the 4th Symposium on New Frontiers, and co-chaired session F05 with Greg Meholic.

My unofficial meeting minutes of the symposium follow and in some cases I have abbreviated the paper authorship and/or titles. The focus of these minutes is on the possible practical applications. For the official program, including the exact authors and titles of each paper please refer to the STAIF web site. (Click here for the complete PDF conference minutes)

Summary & Overall Impressions: More


STAIF 2007 Conference Photos by Tim Ventura

A Pictoral Documentary

Who are the people designing tomorrow? Show me the man who builds the future, and I'll show you the STAIF 2007 conference photo album - a collection of photography outlining the hottest breakthrough aerospace & emerging technology conference on the planet. The theme for this year was "red", and once you get a look at this striking collection of photos, you'll understand why...

Covering Section-F of the ISNPS STAIF conference is rapidly becoming a trend for American Antigravity, and with good reason: it's the only peer-review, journal-published conference currently fostering innovation in Antigravity, warp-drives, and field-effect propulsion. I showed up to cover Section-F, but was surprised this year to see growth the Section-E, as well - a focus group dedicated to emerging concepts in Space-Colonization, with some heady notions about lunar construction and space-mining.

Next year promises to be even better, so as we close out this year's conference with this final pictoral essay, keep in mind that next year's conference is only 11 months away, and many of the world's top innovators in antigravity, breakthrough propulsion, and space-colonization have already started preparing for STAIF 2008...

Link: STAIF 2007 Pictorial

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