The Big Bang in Controversy
Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 @ 21:22:00 GMT
Topic: Science

Sepp Hasslberger Update: The Big Bang in Controversy

For most physicists today, there is no question that the universe originated in a "Big Bang", essentially from nothing, and that what we see today when looking at the stars with our most powerful telescopes is nothing but the remains of that primordial explosion, still expanding and cooling in the process. A universe in inexorable decay, goes the story, that lives from the energy imparted by a primordial explosive event.

Map of temperature irregularities in Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation compiled from COBE satellite data But more and more observations actually contradict this modern fairy tale, to a point where it becomes exceedingly difficult to continue believing in the Big Bang and for that matter, in much of what physics tells...


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