EXODUS: Escape from Earth
Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 @ 22:53:26 GMT
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Dr. Jack Sarfatti wrote: Suppose we had a plentiful supply of zero point vacuum energy, you still have to worry about thermodynamics and waste heat and entropy. Global warming will be accelerated by cheap free energy. The world will burn out even faster! You people are not physicists and do not understand that the problem is much more complex than you imagined or possibly can imagine. The problem is too many people in too small a space. Either you kill most of the people or you find a more happy solution.

The more happy solution is to harness the "dark" "cosmic energy" like General MacArthur commanded at West Point in 1961 in his "Duty, Honor, Country" speech. This will allow us to "part the Red Sea" like a modern-day-Moses, to make huge Star Gates to transport most of Earth's population to virgin Earth-like planets for colonization in "Manifest Destiny" - that's the real story here. It's either that or everyone dies on this choking sputtering planet.
Caryn wrote: Now there’s one hell of an assumption!
Note to me: Must get PhD in physics, so I’m qualified to think and reason.

Jack wrote: Caryn You did not read what I wrote carefully. I am talking about the complex problems of ecology - that a supply of cheap energy will not solve our problem, but will hasten the destruction of the planet because of two factors

1) over-population
2) second law of thermodynamics still applies, i.e. dumping of waste heat between two positive temperatures in all engines in use today.

People like Greer do not understand this.

(Now one may ask about electric motors, but currents in wires generate
heat unless we have high Tc superconductors.)

Caryn wrote: These are conventional engines. I think we're all aware that something else is needed. Many of us are also aware that free energy is not going to cure our ills.

Dan wrote: Amen to that. When will the physics lads learn to think outside of their minuscule box?
They cannot get beyond internal combustion, even!?

Jack wrote: NO YOU DON'T GET THE POINT ABOUT ENGINES! ANY ENGINE AND DEVICES CONNECTED TO IT WILL ULTIMATELY PRODUCE WASTE HEAT AT SOME POINT IN ITS USE. AT SOME POINT YOU NEED TO IRREVERSIBLY "ERASE" and that raises entropy/heat. Six billion people living in this small space at same energy consumption level we "privileged" do will destroy the planet from the waste heat. In any case we don't have the technology and even if we did, practical economics & politics would prevent us from mass-producing enough for everyone to make a difference in time.

There is one loophole maybe. If you connect a negative temperature to a positive temperature there is no waste heat. All the heat converts to work.?

Basic heat engine efficiency is

Work Done/Heat in = (Heat in - Waste Heat out)/Heat in? is limited by 1 - Waste Heat out/Waste Heat in = 1 - Tcold/Thot

Any negative temperature it turns out is hotter than any positive temperature, therefore in such a quantum "over-unity" engine

1 - Tcold/Thot = 1 + |Tpositive/Tnegative| > 100%

That is, heat is sucked out of the cold positive temperature reservoir to get over-unity. If the negative hot temperature works with zero temperature vacuum it's a zero point energy engine as a special case. There is no actual violation of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics - it's a new non-classical regime since quantum theory allows negative temperatures from quantization of energy levels of bound systems.

Caryn wrote: Hearing you loud and clear and I do get it. I come from an engineering family; they make engines.

You were talking conventional engine; I agreed that something else is required. If we don't have the ability to produce that in time we sure as hell won't be achieving warp-drive and star-gates in time.

Jack wrote: Conventional or unconventional won't make any real difference to this waste heat issue. The issue is that this planet is too damn small for all the billions and billions to live at the same level we do in the richer parts of the world. The only escape fro the worlds poor is


SPACE MIGRATION through stargate wormholes, otherwise The Reptoids will have a super-harvest with billions and billions of us. Time to get out of Dodge.

You need to control dark energy at small scales to achieve this. This seems to require the Russian torsion field concept.

For a quick study in real spacetime physics try this for The Right Stuff!

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