Michael McDonnough on Life After Betavoltaic
Date: Sunday, May 06, 2007 @ 18:51:44 GMT
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From AmericanAntigravity.com: Three years ago, Betavoltaic Industries was poised for success as a next-generation energy startup working past the bleeding edge and getting startling results. With products in development for both stimulated beta-decay nuclear batteries and a radical new vision for LENR fusion energy, Betavoltaic had it made, until it all went away... Meet Michael McDonnough – visionary, futurist, and former CEO, as we explore what went wrong and why it matters today...

"Business is all about timing – which in this case worked against us. I had the misfortune of starting Betavoltaic Industries shortly after September 11th, and we were immediately hammered by a complete change in US laws and business practices. Anyhow, that’s the short version of the story – after 4 years of struggle to obtain initial financing Betavoltaic Industries shut its books and called it quits.

I’m still interested in the technologies of Dr. Ruggero Santilli, who’s performed some key experiments demonstrating that neutrons can be synthesized by running a DC electric-arc through pressurized hydrogen. This validates Rutherford’s 20’s-era hypothesis that the neutron is a "compressed hydrogen atom", as well as work on neutron synthesis in the 60’s by Italian physicist Don Borghi.

Also, I plan to continue researching the latest advanced technologies and positioning myself to work on the most promising applications. One of those is a development project for a type of nano-fusion technology they’re calling "Micro-Nova". The other technology I’ll likely be involved with developing is a device that produces alterations in the probability that a given event will take place. Think about that last line for a few seconds to let it sink in…this is big idea stuff. Basically, it’s a quantum control system that increases the probability of an event happening." - Michael McDonnough

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