Pyramid Power--Is this it? A simple free energy device?
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007 @ 17:47:13 GMT
Topic: Devices

Sepp Hasslberger writes: ...a pyramid generator Video here (unfortunately in German) and post on overunity forum here:

It seems that a quite simple set-up of a home-made capacitor and two home-made coils, stimulated by a magnet, positioned at the geometric center of a metallic pyramid will produce appreciable amounts of current, enough to run a small fan.

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[you can download the English translation of the German video of inventor Thomas Trawöger from our "Downloads/New-Energy" section - Vlad]

------------- from Stefan Hartmann's OverUnity forum:

[Tishatang] I came across this pyramid device. It seems too good to be true. ...I found ... English translation of video in German ...

This is similar to Steven Mark TPU in that it needs a magnet to run, and puts out DC with a small AC componant. This device seems so simple, that perhaps we can figure out just what goes on with a magnet and some coils of wire leading to the design of more complex systems like the TPU?

[Gyula] This pyramid power topic was already on this Forum last and this year, see these links:,436.0.html,695.0.html,1259.0.html

[Liberty] It sounds like to me by just reading your post, that the device is basically a form of homopolar generator, using the earth's magnetic field on the outside of the pyramid. The magnet seems to concentrate the flux and cause a power to be induced in the copper? He did mention that the dc is a pure dc, just like a homopolar generator would produce.

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