Ken Shoulders' EVOs - Exotic Vacuum Objects Challenge Particle Theory
Date: Monday, October 22, 2007 @ 21:33:43 GMT
Topic: Science

From Sepp Hasslberger blog: Particles of like charge repel each other - that is one of the laws describing the interaction between single sub-atomic particles. Not in all cases, says Ken Shoulders - there are some notable exceptions, although current theory has no description for them. Shoulders, who is an experimental physicist, has been working with what he calls EVOs or Exotic Vacuum Objects for more than a decade.

Side view of aluminium foil, coated with silicon carbide, being subjected to EVOs. The small jets seen coming from under the foil have penetrated through it. Image: Ken Shoulders

"There is a fascinating new realm of physical effects not covered by present-day single particle physics description, but still very much a part of the world we live in. These effects herald some forthcoming events greater in extent than those found in the single electron world we are most aware of. This domain is the multiple electron universe where the effects of electron ensembles dominate all others."

EVOs or EV charge clusters behave like solitons. They are relatively stable, forming ensembles of large numbers of same-charge particles such as electrons or protons and they can be oriented to release their collective charge in a material target - think of a disintegrator gun (Electric Gun Effects).


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