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Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 @ 20:31:06 GMT
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Nuclear Accelerated Generator (NAG) Harvest Isotope Beta Minus Electrons

Welcome to the Executive Engineering webpage on Atomic Batteries (NAGs)

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This page is set up exclusively for readers of Defense Electronics magazine and you have presumably come here through a link from there. Our purpose here is to give you a brief, plain language overview of the Nuclear Accelerated Generator (NAG) and then give you the means to get further, detailed information.


At its heart, the NAG is a fully scalable device designed to provide years of trouble-free electrical power for any application, large or small. It is the result of years of experimentation as well as the application of newly-developed industrial materials and technology. As a result, we can confidently state that we have achieved an unprecedented milestone in the production of electrical power.

Powered by nuclear isotopes, the NAG is fully capable of generating both exceedingly large and exceptionally small amounts of electrical power and to do it more efficiently, over a longer period of time and with fewer breakdowns than any conventional technology currently in use. Because of the unique traits of the NAG, Executive Engineering feels that it has a wide range of uses in the military, civilian and industrial sectors. For instance:


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