Future Energy eNews/ IRI/ Oct 25, 2007
Date: Thursday, October 25, 2007 @ 22:27:53 GMT
Topic: General

1) Genetically Modified Algae Produce Biofuels - Hydrogen from algae could be very efficient
2) Virus - Assembled Batteries - Getting nature to help with energy mass production
3) Fixing the Power Grid - Big batteries will fight blackouts and make renewable energy more viable
4) Tiny Solar Cells - made of nanowires, these are inexpensive photovoltaic cells
5) Energy Neutral Homes - California leads the way: "houses that produce energy" mandated

6) Pentagon Backs Space Solar Power - Report may finally make 24 hour solar power happen
7) Piezoelectric Nanowires Power Up Under Load - Energy-harvesting is the new game in town
8) Coal-Fired Power Plants Cancelled Everywhere - 16 plants scrapped by public pressure!
9) CSI Cleantech Summit 2007 - Cleantechnology and Sustainable Industries event Oct. 30-31 in DC

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