Magnetic Fields can burst!
Date: Monday, October 29, 2007 @ 20:50:01 GMT
Topic: Science

Energy in the form of pure aethereal space is constantly flowing in from the farthest regions of the universe and flowing out again through the tiny aether vortices that make up the all pervasive magnetic field. It would be a great advantage if we knew how to capture that incoming aether and store it before it flows back out again through the magnetic field sieve.

We need to find a means siphoning off the incoming aether into a storage chamber and locking it. The mutually inseparable relationship between electric current and magnetic field gives us an example of an aether storage system if we treat the electric current like aether flowing in a pipe and the magnetic field as an expansion chamber at the side of the electric current. Electric current then plays the crucial role of controlling the flow of aether into and out of the magnetic field expansion chamber. In the steady state, the electric current keeps the trapped overflow aether locked into the magnetic field.

If the electric current is truncated, the magnetic field will burst and spill out its stored aether all at once. We observe this bursting phenomenon in the sparks that are generated by an inductance coil when the electric circuit is broken. We get very high voltages/pressures for a very short period of time. For more information see 'The Expansion Chamber Theory of the Magnetic Field' at,

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