200+ Fuel Reformer Patents
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 @ 01:45:10 GMT
Topic: Devices

A fuel reformer can utilize wasted exhaust heat energy to drive an endothermic chemical reaction that stores much of the otherwise wasted energy in the form of lighter hydrocarbons and hydrogen molecules. Short chain hydrocarbons contain more energy that the same amount of hydrogen in long chain hydrocarbons. Free hydrogen likewise has more energy than the same quantity of hydrogen in hydrocarbon chains.

A steam reforming reaction of water vapors and hydrocarbon fuel vapors can be performed using a catalyst, a plasma or both together. The resultant gases are rich in hydrogen that is "cracked" from both the hydrocarbon and the water. When sent into the engine along with air and uncracked fuel, it provides a "hydrogen enhanced combustion" that can burn leaner mixes with more power, no knock, and better fuel economy.

The 173MB file, fuelreformertechnology.zip contains copies of patents and research papers as well as links to the same and information about how to build your own. The file is available for download from multiple file sharing websites:




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