Dissidents Challenge Standard Model
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 21:05:41 GMT
Topic: Science

Sepp Hasslberger Update: Physics: Dissidents Challenge Standard Model - Discuss Alternatives

The Natural Philosophy Alliance, founded by John E. Chappell, Jr., provides a place where alternatives to mainstream physics can be discussed and new models developed in a friendly and cooperative spirit. The exchange of ideas between peers - all of the members of the NPA point out one or the other problem with the Standard Model - is fluorishing.

An active chat-line and several websites, but also conferences held each year provide a meeting ground for today's dissidents of physics. The official NPA website: www.worldnpa.org List administrator is David de Hilster who is also a film maker. His work in progress is Einstein Wrong The Miracle Year. David has also set up a dedicated social networking group on Ning, where...

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