Boulder to be first “Smart Grid City”
Date: Sunday, June 22, 2008 @ 23:51:04 GMT
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The next-generation power grid—enhanced by digital technologies throughout the network to give generators, distributors, and customers greater control—promises to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. This year, in the most full-scale effort yet, Xcel Energy begins introducing intelligent grid technologies that it hopes will make Boulder, Colo., the first Smart Grid City.
By Angela Neville, JD

Just as the Internet changed the way we communicate, so will the “smart grid” transform the way we deliver electricity. The Internet’s success is largely due to its networking capabilities. In a similar way, the smart grid will use broadband capabilities and high-speed computing to revolutionize the transmission and distribution of power to end users.

Though the notion has been around for at least a decade, there’s no consensus about what constitutes a smart grid. However, the many government, industry, technology, and policy groups that have been working to advance the idea from theory into practice (see sidebar) do agree that, in general, a smart grid will use digital technologies to enable integrated, real-time control of all the system’s elements, from generation to end use.

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