Dr. Harold Aspden, Lecture No. 7 - The Invention of Hans Coler
Date: Sunday, June 22, 2008 @ 23:55:58 GMT
Topic: Science


It was put under Official Secrecy after its operation had been verified by Government scientists. It was a device which involved magnets and it operated to generate electricity without any source of input power other than the space energy of Nature's quantum underworld. It was denied patent protection by the German Patent Office, as being a perpetual motion device. It was ignored and the records relating to it were buried in hidden archives. I surmise that that was because the scientists who had to pass judgement on what should be done simply could not understand the physical reason why the invention actually worked.

I believe I know the secret of its operation and I will in this Lecture present a brief outline of that reason before quoting the facts of the case from the now-declassified Government report, which was entitled: 'THE INVENTION OF HANS COLER, RELATING TO AN ALLEGED NEW SOURCE OF POWER'.

My approach to the problem takes account of the fact that Hans Coler did not himself know why his invention worked, but he could replicate its operation and instructed others who were able to build working devices. The professors who tested such devices did ascertain that the magnetic field inducing the output power had frequencies in the region of 180 Khz and the evidence pointed to the source of that power being within the magnets. Yet the magnets did not lose any of their strength. The report, as will be seen from the sections to be quoted, gives one assurance that this is no fraud but is, rather, a genuine technological phenomenon, one we cannot turn away from. It must be understood as it may be the energy technology which will provide us with our power in the centuries ahead...

More: http://www.energyscience.org.uk/le/le07.htm

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