Magnetic Power Inc. - Executive Summary Update
Date: Saturday, July 05, 2008 @ 22:34:05 GMT
Topic: Devices

Energy Independence is in the Air! And Might Lower Oil Prices!

The Self Powered Systems™ the firm is bringing to market, include a revolutionary, patent pending, technology, which converts ambient heat into electricity. This non-magnetic breakthrough has the potential to go to production in the near future. The system has proven capability to recharge batteries from heat extracted from the air; an alternative to the need to plug-in. This technology can give electric cars unlimited range, as well as turn them into future power plants that may pay for themselves.

Now here is the good news. Any policy that causes the expected future oil price to fall can cause the current price to fall, or to rise less than it would otherwise do. In other words, it is possible to bring down today's price of oil with policies that will have their physical impact on oil demand or supply only in the future.

Any steps that can be taken now to ... reduce the future demand for oil in the U.S. or elsewhere, can ... lead both to lower prices... today.

Martin Feldstein, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Reagan, is a professor at Harvard. These extracts are from his article: We Can Lower Oil Prices Now. It appeared in the The Wall Street Journal, July 1st, 2008


MPI is also developing breakthrough magnetic energy technologies including POWERGENIE™ (Power Generation of Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy). Based upon proprietary discoveries in MPI’s labs, generators are being designed that operate continuously, without fuel, extracting electricity by converting an abundant, renewable, extremely dense, energy source that has never before been commercialized. The process will create no pollution. Variations will provide a permanent power supply that can eventually replace the need for batteries of all sizes. Conventional power costs are rising. The cost of electricity from these technologies promises to be less than any competing form of power generation today, or in the foreseeable future.

These technologies will be scaled to a wide range of applications. These include the relatively small power needs of consumer devices. They can turn future cars into decentralized power plants. Fabrication of these remarkable generators can readily be achieved worldwide...

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