Future Energy eNews-IRI/ Aug 25, 2008
Date: Monday, August 25, 2008 @ 21:45:30 GMT
Topic: General

 1) MIT Mimics Plants - Major breakthrough in large-scale solar power storage of energy
2) Space-based Solar Power Video - Great five minute trailer is now online for new documentary on SSP
3) Wind Produces 1% of the World's Energy - New milestone in renewable energy just reached even in US
4) Giving Wind a Second Look as Energy Needs Grow - Virginia has 13 developers for wind electricity
5) Algae Bioreactor Video Online - 33,000 gallons of oil/acre per year for vertical growth algae conversion  
6) Oil: Final Warning - World oil production has a number of disruption points and no slack in the system

   Editor's Note: This is a shortened, end-of-Summer edition of the eNews 

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