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Date: Saturday, October 04, 2008 @ 12:35:10 EDT
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Beginning in 1983, Michael Riversong has been deeply involved in energy research, and from 1990 has been doing environmental consulting.  This has resulted in many fascinating adventures.  He has been in contact with many of this planet's best inventors and scientists.  An able photographer and writer, he has often documented many developments in these fields.

Now, 2 CD ROMs are being made available to give you an advantage in learning more about how to survive and prosper using these findings.  Yes, some of this material is available in other ways.  These disks are the only way to have all these resources at your fingertips, thus saving you a lot of time.

Literally packed with photos, articles, and podcasts, this resource will give you many years of observations and insights into advanced energy research.  Included are:
Photos of many Nikola Tesla inventions
Reports on ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences All editions of the Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology, including the most recent update (with photos) released September 2008 Articles and short comments on several technologies Antique radio and electronic equipment Educational writings: how to learn about advanced subjects Synergetics gallery: models from a system of math that can explain optimum design and also gravity phenomena Complete text of the Wheel of Occupations book

Complete text of Design Ecology: Creating Healthy Living Environments (1996) Current version of Fundamentals of Geobiology Complete text of the yet to be published Healthy Places book Feng Shui gallery with over 100 building photos illustrating principles Europe gallery showing many good building practices SolarPix gallery, tracing solar energy development from 1980 WindPwr gallery Plant identification photos Podcast interviews of people active in alternative energy and Permaculture Inspiring scenery photos and poetry

Each disk includes a guide.  Almost all the material is original work by Michael Riversong.

$20 each, or both for $30.  Add $2 for shipping in the USA.  Inquire about shipping to locations on the rest of this planet.

Order direct by check from:

Tesla Academy
P.O. Box 2776
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003

or PayPal to:


Michael Riversong
Cheyenne, Wyoming
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