Jovion Corporation Gets Patent for Zero Point Energy Extraction
Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 @ 23:37:33 GMT
Topic: Devices

Jovion Corp is trying to extract energy from the reservoir of “zero point energy” using Casimir cavities. One proposed device would generate up to 21.5 kilowatts of heat from sugar cube sized device. The heat would need to be captured and converted to electricity. Micro-gap thermal photovoltaics could match up well for this application to convert 50% or more of the heat to electricity.

NOTE: This is a funded company that is a technology spinoff of research from the University of Colorado.

Jovion Corporation of Boulder aims to develop and commercialize a device for extracting energy from the reservoir of “zero point energy” that has been shown to fill all of space. The Jovion device would employ numerous Casimir cavities, consisting of closely spaced metal plates within which a range of electromagnetic modes are excluded due to quantization of the electromagnetic field. The harvested energy would be in the form of electromagnetic radiation and could in principle be converted directly into electrical power through the incorporation of solar cells. The POCi funding covers the design, construction and testing of a practical and scalable energy harvesting system. The funding is contingent on the satisfactory achievement of certain scientific proof of principle milestones relating to a prototype Casimir cavity device as described in a current research grant to Dr. Garret Moddel, Professor in CU-Boulder’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and an inventor of the technology.


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