Dr Brian O'Leary : The Energy Solution Revolution
Date: Sunday, February 08, 2009 @ 14:25:18 GMT
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1) Project Camelot interviews Dr Brian O'Leary

Dr Brian O'Leary suffered the ridicule of his schoolfriends when - several years before Sputnik - he announced his intention to go to the moon. Yet by the age of 27 he was a member of NASA's astronaut program, slated to be one of the first to visit Mars. Several years later, he resigned (for various reasons) and took up a career in academia where he rubbed shoulders with - among many others - Carl Sagan at Cornell and the pioneering psi investigator Robert Jahn at the physics department at Princeton.

A near-death experience in a auto accident encouraged his exploration of the paranormal, and soon after he applied his considerable abilities to the investigation of Free ('overunity') Energy and psi phenomena. He authored several books and became a well-known Free Energy activist.

His list of personal friends reads like a Who's Who of notable paradigm-challenging researchers and out-of-the-box thinking scientists. In our interview we asked him to summarize his exceptional life, and present his vision for the future.

An optimistic, gentle man, Brian O'Leary is gifted to possess intellect, vision and graciousness in equal measure. We were delighted to spend time with him at his Vilcabamba home and are very much looking forward to continuing our friendship with him in 2009 and beyond.


For Brian's personal website, click here:



2) Audio presentations from Brian O'Leary and George Green

Project Camelot recently returned from two weeks as Brian's guests at Montesuenos, his eco-retreat in Vilcabamba, an extremely beautiful southern corner of forested Ecuador. We joined Brian, George Green and Miriam Delicado as speakers in what Brian called THE CAMELOT CONFERENCE - also titled, just as appropriately, CRISIS AND OPPORTUNITY.

On the first day of the weekend, Brian and George spoke lucidly and passionately about the world as they see it. Do listen.


Our own presentation, on the second day, is currently being edited to be viewed on video.

For a summary of the Conference itself, and for our impressions of Ecuador (which may be important or valuable to some), click here:


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