A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 22:17:45 GMT
Topic: Science

I (Vlad) also heard the story about Dr. Fleisch and Mr. Cuhaci (the Amazon customer in Ottawa) on the CBC's radio program "As It Happens". I was very impressed by Dr. Fleisch's action (on the Christmas day) and decided to check the book. It is a 5 star book and here are some extracts from the published customer reviews (random):
"Amazing Author, Amazingly useful book. A man who is so confident in his product he will fly to your door on Christmas Eve to make sure you have it. Beat that..."
"See the Forest Through the Trees. This is the best overview of Maxwell's equations I have ever come across. I cannot praise it enough for it's brilliant clarity..."
"A fantastic book - a MUST get for anyone starting E&M. Forget the textbook. Forget the lecture notes. Read this book..."
"Epiphany of clarity! Maxwell's equations represent a comprehensive and descriptive condensation of (once believed to be disparate) electromagnetic phenomena, into a gloriously concise set of self-consistent (albeit arcane) mathematical statements. Daniel Fleisch has lucidly crafted explanations both of Maxwell's equations that describe EM phenomena, while simultaneously employing the latter to motivate, justify, and describe the vector calculus of the former with great clarity--the perfect synthesis..."

"UPDATED (Feb 2 and Feb 10,09): I received a new copy from the author himself on Christmas Day, hand delivered (for more info please read follow-up comments to this review). The book is excellent, very clear and easy to follow. My rating of 1 star (based on the first book I received, since I could not read the full content of the misprinted issue) now could be changed to 5 star. However, if I change it to 5 star, most review readers could miss the "happy ending" (read follow-up comments), and the Author's concern and excellent service on a winter stormy day... (By the way, I did not ask for a refund from Amazon since the author gave me a new copy the next day). MikeC/Ottawa"

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