Remember the Rotating thermionic convertor?
Date: Thursday, March 05, 2009 @ 21:04:40 GMT
Topic: Devices

Philip Hardcastle writes: Hi Vlad,

Remember the Rotating thermionic convertor?

Well, it is on hold, as a breakthrough offering simpler implementation has occurred.

The design / theory has been given the thumbs up by professor XY Fu of the Shanghai university and also by a few other experts in thermionics. This is my first release of information and you came instantly to mind.

The response from experts to date has been extraordinary as it is so obvious that it is correct that the 2nd law concerns evaporate. Even the most resolute sceptics have bent.

I have had a public debate with a Professor from Virginia who has just gone silent when I revealed the facts, he promised me to tell me if he agreed or disagreed but after 4 emails a deafening silence was heard by all 20 observers (some being professors themselves).

So we need to widen the debate to get the research done to make the machines that can at least help the World mitigate some of the Global disaster we obviously are experiencing (such as the devastating bushfires in Australia - my country)

I expect a meeting with the government next month and believe collaboration with USA university likely.

I trust you can use the supplied to get some debate and feedback.

I have also provided the doc images separate for you to use.

As always

Kindest Regards

Philip Hardcastle

Thank you Philip; I have added all your documentation in the Downloads/ZPE_related section. [Vlad]

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