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by Mark Goldes, Chairman, Magnetic Power Inc.* [updated June 23, 2009]

"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance." - Goethe

Steorn, an Irish firm, ran an advertisement in August, 2006 - claiming they had found a way to utilize magnetics “to produce free, clean and constant energy”. They invited 22 scientists with relevant backgrounds to form a jury in order to evaluate their claim. The Chairman of the jury recently issued a statement stating that after two years the jury has disbanded - having issued a unanimous verdict that Steorn had not provided evidence supporting their claim. Information about 16 members of the jury can be found at:

While skeptics abound (and as the paragraph above illustrates, without independent laboratory confirmation, have excellent reason to be skeptical) unconventional devices that challenge textbook science, may open a door to wider discussion and appreciation of an extremely important potential for rapidly reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, reviving the automotive industry and the economy.

Motors, or solid-state power generators without moving parts that continuously self-run, will not be, as is widely believed, perpetual motion machines. To the surprise of almost everybody, they will ultimately prove to be converting some previously unutilized form of energy..

One possible candidate is Zero Point Energy, ZPE. However, most scientists familiar with the Zero Point Field, believe that conversion of ZPE is unlikely to prove practical. As ground-breaking energy technologies move toward the marketplace, a discussion as to the source of the energy is inevitable. It may go on for a very long time. If practical, safe, cost-effective, power can be produced by such inventions, definitive answers to that question are a less urgent matter. A book that challenges conventional belief:  Zero Point Energy - The Fuel of the Future, by Thomas Valone, provides extensive scientific input and can readily be understood by the lay reader.

Physical Review and other refereed journals have published numerous articles suggesting ZPE might be utilized for power and propulsion. In the March 1st, 2004 issue, the magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology, summarized programs underway in the UK and the USA, in search of ZPE aerospace propulsion systems.

Several U.S. Patents have been issued to Dr. Fabrizio Pinto, a physicist, formerly with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (administered by the California Institute of Technology). Dr. Pinto is now CEO of his own firm and is developing breakthrough technology based on ZPE conversion of the Casimir Force. There are medical, computer and energy applications referenced in his Patents.

A U.S. Patent entitled: QUANTUM VACUUM ENERGY EXTRACTION was issued to Bernard Haisch and Garret Moddel, May 27, 2008. The Abstract begins: A system is disclosed for converting energy from the electromagnetic quantum vacuum available at any point in the universe to usable energy in the form of heat, electricity, mechanical energy or other forms of power. It ends with this sentence:  The disclosed devices are scalable in size and energy output for applications ranging from replacements for small batteries to power plant sized generators of electricity. This Patent is the basis of research under way by Jovion Corporation, with a grant from the University of Colorado to Professor Moddel.

Noberto R. Keppe, in his book: The New Physics – states that de Broglie, Bohm and Vigler all thought that at absolute zero (0 Kelvin = -459.67 degrees F) each cubic centimeter anywhere in the universe contains 10**27 Joules of energy.  This is the equivalent of the energy contained in 10 million tons of coal!  

Two remarkable inventions were developed in Germany by Hans Coler. A number of scientists witnessed several demonstrations. They all reported the devices apparently worked and that they could detect no fraud. Coler demonstrated a 10 watt generator in 1925. Two years later, Nobelist Werner Heisenberg stated: “I believe it is possible to utilize magnetism as an energy source. During 1937, Coler built a 6,000 watts generator. Professor W.O. Schumann (later the discoverer of the Schumann resonance, a natural radio signal resonating as a standing wave around our planet) wrote: "After the present examination, carried through as carefully as the limited possibilities of experimentation permitted, I must surmise that we have to face the exploitation of a new source of energy whose further developments can be of an immense importance“.  Coler’s lab was destroyed by a bomb toward the end of WWII. He survived - and cooperated with British Intelligence, which reproduced his early apparatus and published a Report which was declassified in 1978. 34 pages of that Report are now readily found on the internet. Coler stated that the strength of the magnets did not decrease during use -and suggested that he was tapping a new source of energy. After their exhaustive interrogations and demonstrations, the British judged that Coler was an honest experimenter. A future variation of the Coler device, presently under development, may be of great interest to schools, universities and skeptics.

Claims concerning mechanical magnetic systems that tap some new form of energy have surfaced periodically since the work of Wesley Gary, a Pennsylvania inventor, received the first of two U.S. Patents in 1877. Harvard and MIT Professors visited and were evidently impressed. Harper’s Weekly described his work in an article published in 1879. That article can readily be found on the web.

Most scientists believe that fractional quantum states are not possible. The late Dr. Robert Carroll, a mathematical physicist, predicted in 1990 that inverse quantum states would prove extremely important in the future. Dr. Randell Mills is the pioneer of technology based on energy released as the electrons of hydrogen atoms are induced by a catalyst to transition to lower-energy levels (i.e. drop to lower base orbits around each atom's nucleus) corresponding to fractional quantum numbers. He calls these hydrinos. Ronald Bourgoin, once a graduate student with Dr. Carroll, showed the general wave equation predicts exactly the 137 inverse principal quantum levels claimed by Mills. The late Arie de Geus patented a different energy production method that involved creating so-called fractional hydrogen. Fractional quantum states are now expected to make possible Self Powered Internal Combustion Engines (SPICE™) in hybrid cars that can wirelessly feed power to the grid when parked. There is a huge amount of Hydrogen stored as water.  The oceans contain 8 million trillion barrels of water. One barrel of water could yield as much energy as hundreds of barrels of oil - just using hydrinos. The work opens a large-scale cost-competitive alternative to nuclear power. Such plants could supersede the need to burn coal.

The four wheeled automobile was invented in 1885. It will prove ironic if, as now seems likely, it should prove to be the case that human ignorance and scientific arrogance has been responsible for burning fossil fuel to power vehicles and industrial civilization.

Imagine the huge potential impact cars and trucks that never require fossil fuel or recharge represent for revival of the automotive industry and the world economy. Exploring the subject in depth might suffice to start a perpetual commotion.

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