Mark Tomion (Stardrive device) has passed away in June
Date: Thursday, August 06, 2009 @ 23:35:01 GMT
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From the forum (posted by Reformator): Guys, we won't see his machine ever. Mark R. Tomion died more than a month ago ... bastards

FERGUSON CORNERS- Mark R. Tomion, 51, died unexpectedly Friday, June 19, 2009 at his home.

Mark was born in 1957 in Penn Yan. He was a graduate of Marcus Whitman High School, Class of 1975. He attended Ithaca College.

Mark enjoyed playing the piano and reading. He was an inventor and was working on a windmill as an electric generator, on which he had a patent. He was the author of the book, “Star Drive”.

He is survived by his parents, Wesley and Lorraine Drew Tomion; his brothers, Christopher L. Race and John Wesley Tomion; his sister, Teresa K. Tomion; his friend Kathleen; and several aunts, uncles and cousins.
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I'm begining to think that he was assassinated!



Hal Ade also wrote: From Stefan Hartmann's website, I learned that another energy-from-the-vacuum developer, Mark Tomion, died "unexpectedly Friday, June 19, 2009 at his home".

Mark was working on a capacitive-type device, the StarDrive Electrodynamic Field Generator (EDF), and was, in a step-by-step manner of sequential development, coming very, very close to what most New Energy types have termed a working "overunity" electrical generator. Some of us also refer to this as a "Zero Point" or "Anti-Stokes" device. He had some funding, but it was a bit spurious.

When one dies unexpectedly, as did my father in 1958 at age 46, it's nearly always due to a heart attack. Some members of the New Energy community, interested in the effects of quantum energy on the human body - either for good or evil -  have stated  this could be executed at-a-distance by means of scalar electromagnetic waves, as through a quantum magnetic or quantum potential weapon. Conventional forensic science could never discover this, if Mark's death was an assassination rather than a natural cardio-vascular event.

There are some in the New Energy community whom I have deliberately not informed. Those are inventors, who've been through enough of their own hell already, in the pursuit of their inventions. That said, please pass this news on to others who you think should be told, in any case.

Yours for a better world through New Energy,

Hal Ade
Gatineau, QC.

[Vlad]: I knew Mark quite well; he was an exceptionally intelligent and well educated individual, with a keen sense of fairness and honesty but also very proud of his work and the theoretical backing for it. As per our last correspondence (last year) he was advanced in the poc experimentation for his EDF Generator. This is a great loss for the FE/AG research community (he did have some health issues - see below). My condolences to his family; he will be certainly missed.

For you to know Mark better, here are some extracts from my correspondence with Mark from last year:

Hi, Vlad:

But - in my world, I had a really rough year in '07, and had a hard time just staying afloat! Yet I emerged from the funding wars pretty 'scathed' but with all my intellectual property intact. The EU patent office is giving me some sophomoric and hugely expensive crap about my application there (for the EDF Generator), as is Canada . . . These examiners all seem to feel obliged to take some sort of passing shot at me . . .

The problem is quite simply that back in 2000 when I originally filed, "vacuum energy" wasn't yet accepted as a physical reality and so I didn't feel I could talk about it or use it properly in the patent application . . . Now, of course, it's the perfect explanation for the terrific COPs possible with my technology simply because it's the truth!...

In any case, I can't really delay disclosing my final p-o-c results much longer, as I admit I have been . . . Not because they will be negative and disappointing in nature but highly positive - and I don't yet have the benefit of the kind of protective 'umbrella' a sponsor of suitable stature could provide me. And that's a little scary, as I know you will understand!

Also, of course, I really, really don't need to "pull a Steorn", now, do I?! Isn't that something?

Anyway, I'm trying to get my '07 end-of-year report done and posted ASAP, because I haven't really updated my website for a month - something that ordinarily I would never do . . . I just have to figure out how the heck to best describe the kind of year I had! I even had a spot of trouble with my health, and had to take some time off, but I'm back in the saddle and getting ready to fire this experimental assembly again - in the final series of tests I'll ever have to do with it, hopefully . . .

I know I have your sincere wishes for my imminent success, and you will certainly be one of THE very first people I contact when I consider my results to be conclusive and I can demonstrate the equipment to certain visitors here at my new office. In fact, I give you my word that we will make public announcement of our conclusive results on second only to that we make first on our own website. How's that?!

Salut, mon ami, et bonne santé!

Mark T.
Archer Enterprises

and his good point wrt space travel in a saucer type AG craft:

...It really doesn't matter one bit the exact nature of ANYONE's proposed interstellar craft design, without such a vessel having one thing FIRST: the heavy EM 'force field' shielding that only the EDF Generator has, so far!

As a "logical intellectual", I realized thirty years ago that I had to actually start with this all-important aspect of ultra-fast sub-light space travel FIRST, and then reason backwards to the actual 'mechanics' of the thing. Why Bill and everyone else doesn't see this is beyond me.

No known life form can survive travel even in deepest space at more the 1/6 the speed of light because of the intense radiation from incident hydrogen particle bombardment - without a shielding force field of some kind which has a power and intensity similar to that which the EDF Generator's driving field-envelope current inherently does!

Therefore, to my mind, spending a lot of time and effort designing ANY form of interstellar craft which does not take this into account at the very outset is Utterly Futile!

Makes you wonder how smart the human race really is, hmm?

Mark T.
Archer Enterprises

Rest in peace Mark.

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