Blacklight Power Returns With More Lab Validation
Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009 @ 23:06:32 GMT
Topic: Devices

By Chris Morrison/ Energy Analysis/

... But unlike most of the free energy crowd, Blacklight has survived for almost two decades and has a staff of dedicated Ph.Ds, including its founder, Randell Mills. It has also taken about $60 million in funding, and struck deals with utilities to sell them electricity. And its process has received third-party validation from Rowan University...

... The latest in its saga is news that three researchers at Rowan have run a second round of tests on Blacklight’s solid fuel. The trio say they have verified that the fuel is capable of continuously releasing more energy than is put in to start the reaction. And this time, they made the fuel themselves rather than receiving from the company — a significant difference from the first test, when associate professor Peter Jansson told me he wasn’t sure what Blacklight did to prepare the material...

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