An Urgent Open Letter To The Prime Minister Of Australia
Date: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 @ 22:33:29 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

Philip Hardcastle writes: Please, Please, Please, for the sake of mankind, to avert climate disaster, to save millions from starvation, read this letter and act upon it. A Scientific breakthrough of such importance has been made that needs the attention of your Government.


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 08, 2009 – Dear Prime Minister, many months ago I wrote some letters seeking an audience with the appropriate Ministers of your government but despite my best efforts

Peter Garrett refuses to talk to me.
Penny Wong refuses to talk to me.

I sent a letter to you complaining of their conduct, your dept said you would reply, but you never did.

I have tried many times to get  a meeting with Minister Kim Carr, but to no avail.

Senator John Williams wrote to Minister Carr, but that failed to get an audience.

Other members of the Liberal party have made representations on my behalf believing in what I was doing, but time after time it falls on deaf ears. I wrote to Bob Brown of the Greens but he never even acknowledged receipt of my letter.

I have a breakthrough in science that can provide almost limitless no emission energy at a low cost. This may sound like a silly claim or it might make some think I am a crank but...

The Chief Scientist of Australia, Professor Penny Sackett and her physicist advisor Dr Sarah Pearson have reviewed the scientific papers supplied and the Chief Scientist has declared that the papers demonstrate a device that could directly convert heat to power (without loss).

The Chief Scientist was provided with supporting documents (including photos of a supporting experiment carried out by a respected Chinese Professor) and scientific papers. The Chief Scientists advice is for me to seek assistance from Ausindustry etc. Prime minister this advice is worthless as such bodies offer nothing and are irrelevant to the issue. What this needs is escalation to the CSIRO, to a scientific panel and to a special review by the Government. Referral to a standard program will lead to the best idea to save the climate being lost forever.

May I simply state, this breakthrough could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

So Prime Minister, how does a caring Australian, Philip Hardcastle of Glen Innes, manage to get the attention of those in Power? Surely the trust of Australia people is that good ideas from citizens should get a fair hearing! If not then what was the purpose of the 20 20 conference? You told the people of Australia that the Government did not have all the ideas and that you sought good people with good ideas to make a contribution.

I say, with my hand on my heart, that the one idea you need to consider is being stifled by a system that believes that breakthroughs only come from the USA or big business.

Do I have to take out full page newspaper ads?

Do I have to go on a hunger strike outside parliament.

Surely the people demand that the Australian Labour Party should investigate any options available, faliure to do so suggests that we must be slaves and victims of coal, gas and oil, and that the government, for the sake of money, will encourage more fossil fuel consumption?

I was a senior geophysicist for Esso, I was a leader in the coal industry, but now, as a concerned physicist with a solution that the Chief Scientist has in writing acknowledged as good science, I can get no hearing from your team.

What if this is the only solution that ever comes along to create 100% clean and cheap energy? Do we apologize to the next generation, to a million starving kids, do we say oops?

This has been so hard for me, 10 years without pay pursuing a solution and then when I make a verifiable breakthrough no one in power will listen!! Surely I can get a 5 minute hearing.

If you find my request to be in any way a con or a waste of time then I promise by this open letter to donate $10,000 to a worthy charity of the Goverments choice. P J hardcastle 8-9.09

Prime Minister, prior to the election I met the now leader of the opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, and he gave me his direct email and said “lets get this rolling”, then the Liberals lost and labour won, and I thought, no problem Peter Garrett is a good man that cares about the environment, but as I said at the start of this letter he refuses to talk to me.

Again Prime Minister I ask, Please Please help!

Yours most Sincerely

Philip Hardcastle


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