Relativistic hydrogen inside a Casimir cavity
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009 @ 15:42:53 GMT
Topic: Science

From Relativistic hydrogen inside a Casimir cavity appears to have a fractional quantum state from an external perspective

On August 12th 2009 Rowan University announced validation of excess heat generated by off the shelf chemicals in a recipe provided by Black Light Power. Rowan had previously validated even greater energy gains in 2008 using hydrogenated Rayney nickel provided by Black Light Power but there was much speculation regarding the "preparation" of the supplied powder. In both cases the energy produced exceeded known chemistry and implies an unknown mechanism s beyond chemical explanation but less than nuclear.

This subject of anomalous heat production regarding monatomic hydrogen and different catalysts has been a long standing mystery in the scientific community. From Irving Langmuir’s circa 1939 Nobel Prize work with Atomic Hydrogen to Ponds and Fleischman work in the 80's and more recent reports by Arata-Zhang, Energetics INC and SPAWARS. Trying to unravel this mystery has taken many paths, Cold Fusion, bubble fusion, LENR, cavitation and Casimir cavities to name a few. Much of the controversy has revolved around claims of a fractional quantum state where the orbital radius drops below the Bohr radius. I am proposing these so called fractional quantum states or hydrino states as defined by BLP are relativistic and can only be observed from outside the Casimir cavity. atoms inside the cavity remain unchanged relative to each other in the same manner that the model Twin Paradox of physics allows the twin approaching C or an event horizon to remain unchanged relataive to his own frame nothing happens.

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