On the dynamics of exotic matter: towards creation of Perpetuum Mobile of third
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ 23:14:40 GMT
Topic: Science

by Pavel Ivanov/ (Submitted on 1 Sep 2009) /arXiv.org

Abstract: The one-dimensional dynamics of a classical ideal 'exotic' fluid with equation of state $p=p(epsilon) < 0$ violating the weak energy condition is discussed. Under certain assumptions it is shown that the well-known Hwa-Bjorken exact solution of one-dimensional relativistic hydrodynamics is confined within the future/past light cone. It is also demonstrated that the total energy of such a solution is equal to zero and that there are regions within the light cone with negative $(-)$ and positive $(+)$ total energies. For certain equations of state there is a continuous energy transfer from the $(-)$-regions to the $(+)$-regions resulting in indefinite growth of energy in the $(+)$ regions with time, which may be interpreted as action of a specific 'Perpetuum Mobile' (Perpetuum Motion).

It is speculated that if it is possible to construct a three-dimensional non-stationary flow of an exotic fluid having a finite negative value of energy such a situation would also occur. Such a flow may continuously transfer positive energy to gravitational waves, resulting in a runaway. It is conjectured that theories plagued by such solutions should be discarded as inherently unstable.

Source: http://arxiv.org/abs/0909.0190

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