"Energy from the Vacuum"TM Series - "Seeking Overunity"
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 22:51:15 GMT
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Anthony Craddock writes: "Energy from the Vacuum"TM Series - new DVD release - "Seeking  Overunity" with Walter Rosenthal

For several decades, the " go-to" person for testing whether your energy device could put out more power than you were inputting was Walter Rosenthal.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and a veteran of decades in the aerospace industry, Walt combined a boyish enthusiasm and curiosity that permeated his life and his passion for testing energy machines.

This is what led him to his association over several years with the late Floyd Sweet during the formative years of the development of Floyd's legendary overunity devices.  In fact Walt built many of the accessories for this machine for Floyd, in addition to being an investor.

In this DVD Walt, a natural and witty raconteur, describes his life's work, with particular emphasis on the inventors, successful and unsuccessful, that he worked with.  Inventors such as Tom Bearden's MEG team, Floyd Sweet, Bruce de Palma, and others scattered over the globe from Canada to Australia.

Walt, who sadly passed on in January of 2007, eagerly co-operated with the Energetic Productions film team, so this DVD is a great tribute to him, his times, and the inventors he worked with.  Adroitly edited by Robert Teifeld PhD, it was a tribute to the richness of Walt's body of work that, even after editing, the DVD's length could not be reduced below 140 minutes, the longest DVD yet in the Series.

In addition there are some real revelations here about many aspects of "hidden science" - some with multi-million dollar implications.  Not the least of which is in relation to the Sweet device, as it was only after Floyd's death that Walter Rosenthal discovered what he felt might well be the missing piece in the puzzle. 

Which he shared with us during this filming.

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