Future Energy eNews, IRI - Nov, 2009
Date: Sunday, November 01, 2009 @ 20:58:01 GMT
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In This Issue:
1. Review of COFE3 Conference
2. A Novel Form of Fusion power, COFE3 speaker Eric Lerner featured in "The Economist"
3. Tiny Nuclear Batteries
4. Dye-Sensitized Solar to Go
5. WEEC back in DC for 2009

    IRI provided an important stimulus package to help educate the public about new energy developments, as you can see in this issue of Future Energy eNews "Review of COFE3 Conference."

Advanced Energy Panelist Hagen Ruff, CEO of Chava Energy, stated that we assembled an "impressive collection of brain power" which he explained is the focus of his determination to organize into a energy research facility on the West Coast with a suitable funding package.

  COFE3 was the first conference in the world to have an alternative nuclear fusion panel discussion. To emphasize the quality of the fusion panelists, a great endorsement to the conference is the follow-up October 22nd article in The Economist magazine reprinted below describing Fusion Panelist Eric Lerner's amazing hydrogen-boron alternative "focus fusion" invention which IRI helped incorporate into a business. As Eric explains in his lecture on DVD, focus fusion is the only type of fusion that creates electricity directly AND creates no neutron radiation. He also has crossed the milestone of the billion degree temperature necessary to achieve aneutronic fusion.

  The University of Missouri's nuclear battery in this FE eNews edition also deserves mention since COFE1 in 1999 included Paul Brown's presentation on this same type of nuclear battery using tritium which Paul had patented a couple of years prior to the conference.

   Since both of these inventions show how IRI tends to be several years ahead of its time, you will want to order the Proceedings of COFE3 as well as the conference DVDs to get the real inside scoop on emerging future energy. Your membership is also invited to help support this vital work for the benefit of society.
Thomas Valone, PhD

Source: Future Energy eNews, IRI - Nov, 2009

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