A few recent publications by T. Valone, J. Firmage, G. Hathaway
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 @ 15:55:20 GMT
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November 15, 2009 - In a world of uncertainty about the future, The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science by Thomas Valone offers "...hope for solving the world's looming energy shortage," according to Science magazine, since it considers things we have barely imagined in search of new carbon-free technologies.

More: The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science

Revolutions in Physics
Joseph Firmage

Exploring the evolution and state of modern physics and the possibilities that a new paradigm hold for human civilization.

COFE- Conference on Future Energy COFE3: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Future energy

Complete copilation of papers to be presented at the COFE 3 conference.

Source: http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/catalog/newitems.html


Mindbending [by George Hathaway] is the biography of Canadian electrical experimenter John Hutchison written by a scientist and electrical engineer who worked closely with Hutchison and who personally witnessed some of the Strange phenomena associated with John and his apparatus. Based on correspondence with the author and others, this volume chronicles John's early experimentation with the Hutchison Effect and shows why conventional physics explanations of the phenomena are inadequate. Electrical circuit diagrams and colour plates never before seen detail the apparatus John used to make objects fly about his laboratory, fracture in unusual ways and create startling effects.

"This is a true story! The phenomenon is at once elusive, tantalizing, perplexing, extremely important, and it is real. The challenge to science now is to construct a viable theory, not to debate de facto impossibility. The white crow flew - many times" - John B. Alexander, PhD. Colonel, U.S Army (Ret)

135 pp with 3 electrical circuit diagrams and 15 photographs

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