The Double Helix Theory of Electric Current
Date: Friday, November 27, 2009 @ 14:25:28 GMT
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Although Tesla's alternating current triumphed over Edison's direct current, the underlying mystery that had confused Edison was never resolved. Under existing electric current theory, an AC current will involve a 'to and fro' motion of electric particles. In order to make this 'to and fro' motion of particles compatible with the fact that there is a net outflow of energy from an AC generator, and a net inflow of this energy into the circuit, we need to revise our entire understanding of the nature of electric current. We need to re-introduce the aether (vitreous electric fluid) and consider electric current to be a flow of pressurized aether. This pressurized aether enters the electric circuit from the power source, just like water enters the household pipe circuit under pressure from the reservoir. The pressurized aether either originates in a battery, or it is screwed out of a magnetic field by a rotating loop of wire. In the latter case, the induced alternating current results in aether being pumped into the circuit during both of the half-cycles. That being the case, something must nevertheless change during each half cycle.

It is the circulation direction that changes during each half cycle in AC current. Electric current and magnetic field are mutually interlocking solenoidal lines of force. These solenoidal lines of force are riddled with aether sinks and aether sources in a double helix fashion. When an AC generator screws aether out of the positron sources, this aether will move in a solenoidal path like a boomerang, while constantly sinking into the electron sinks that are dotted along the path. If the input pressure is greater than the outflow tension, the current loop will inflate. This inflation normally occurs between two wires, with a transverse electric field step advancing in the space between the wires.

This is explained in more detail in "The Double Helix Theory of the Magnetic Field", which is found in the downloads section.

Modern physics attempts to explain electric current without the aether. The result is similar to trying to explain the water supply without mentioning the water. Electric charge is simply aether pressure, and it originates outside the circuit at the power source. Modern physics teaches that the charge on an electric wire is supplied from the return limb. This would be the same as having your water supplied from your drainpipe.

David Tombe

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