University of Ottawa and Potential Difference Inc. Research
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010 @ 18:52:12 GMT
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Thane C. Heins writes: Dear Scientific American,

25 months ago Potential Difference Inc. was invited to Ottawa University to have our new energy technologies scientifically validated by the Department of Electrical Engineering. We are very close to having a full report provided by the Institute for Transportation Advancement Quebec (ITAQ) but now are being evicted. We have opted to leave voluntarily to avoid having our research seized by uOttawa as we were told would happen if we don't leave immediately . In the attached information you will find (3rd party) test data from a Canadian Defence Research (DRDC) scientist showing our Bi-Toroid transformer technology operating between 2700 - 400% efficiency.

Scientifically speaking nothing is supposed to exceed 100% efficiency. You will also find our generator test data provided by a retired National Research Council (NRC) scientist showing our generator technology producing over 200% more output power over a conventional generator with 40% less energy as the input. In real world terms this would mean Ontario Hydro could produce over 200% more power to the grid with 40% less coal, nuclear power greenhouse gasses etc. Unfortunately this information is ignored by uOttawa altogether.

Our technologies represent very important energy innovations and could potentially usher in a new energy paradigm and renaissance for humanity and because of this - the advancements are being suppressed and ignored by the engineering faculty at uOttawa.
They include:
1) Self Accelerating Electric Motor Technology - An electric motor which accelerates itself with no additional power required.
2) Self Accelerating Electric Generator Technology - A generator which accelerates itself when supplying power to a load.
3) Over 100% Efficient Bi-Toroid Transformer - As tested by a Canadian National Defence scientist - for every 1 watt of energy which goes in over 400 watts come out. This in itself should provide uOttawa with more worldwide attention than Einstein himself provided for Princeton.  
We came to Ottawa U with the hopes of allowing the scientific truth to be told but have found only blind adherence to old scientific dogma instead.
You can view our Ottawa U lab video channel and all our technologies (and their evolutions) here:
I hope you find this information news worthy.
Kind regards
Thane C. Heins 
President - Potential +/- Difference Inc. 
Please find enclosed:
1) An invitation letter from the University of Ottawa.
2) Magna International request for a Perpetual Motion Machine.
3) Magna transformer test performance data. 
4) Canadian Defence Research and Development scientists request to take test data.
5) DRDC - Dr. Fusina test data.
6) Industry letters of interest.
7) Russian Academy of Science request for information.
8) University of Ottawa Eviction Notice(s).  
9 Why Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology is NOT Perpetual Motion. 
"Scientists must continually strive to earn the public's trust or risk descending into a new Dark Age where ideology trumps reason."
Rajendra Parchauri,
UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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