Relativistic interpretation of Casimir Effect
Date: Monday, March 15, 2010 @ 21:55:52 GMT
Topic: Science

by froarty/ Hi Vlad,

I posted a new blog on ScienceBlog that does a much better job than previous of tying it all together.


"...I am proposing that claims of anomalous heat such as the Black Light Process and Arata - Zhang work with Pd powders are evidence of this relativistic interpretation for Casimir effect. IMHO Casimir "PLATES" cause equivalent acceleration on the mesoscopic scale in much the same manner as a large mass causes gravity on the macro scale.

The big difference is the "CAVITY" between the two plates represents a sudden break in this equivalent acceleration (something that cannot occur at the macro scale)- The animation of the sailing ship below shows a sail with a small hole in it letting wind stream through the sail many times faster than the ambient wind speed pushing the ship..."

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