Brazil Tech Most Advanced in the World
Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 15:36:25 GMT
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Avatar Director James Cameron does battle with technology giant, Brazil. The following is a copy of a letter sent to Atossa Soltani, Founder and Executive Director of Amazon Watch on April 17, 2010.

To the attention of Atossa Soltani:

After reading several AP articles in local papers in California, I became aware of the issues over the Belo Monte project. I have visited many of the countries in South America and to the Amazon in Ecuador and Peru (time in Brazil/Iguazu only), but not to the area of the proposed dam.

I understand that a group of your people was recently in Brazil with Avatar director, James Cameron  ; I should think he would be very interested in knowing about this technology.

I am an painter and a writer (one book published, 2 more in process, and 2 screenplays), and am the biographer for the inventor, Peter Paul Sumaruck (and his Zero-Amp Technology). In doing research for his book, I have found that Brazil is MORE technologically advanced than the United States. They have the technology to produce any amount of power they could ever need - without oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power...and most assuredly without hydroelectrical power.

Many years ago before his years of inventing, Mr. Sumaruck was a government contractor. Then later, he wanted to get his technology out into the world so he gifted his invention to a personal friend from his government days. This man sold the invention to Brazil. Mr. Sumaruck also gave his invention to his patent attorney, who retired to his native Japan, so this technology is not a secret.

Now Brazil uses this invention to power weapons deliver systems (when the technology could be used to power the entire country). Go back in a media search of several years ago to a small plane crash in Brazil. This plane was shot down by Brazilians as a test of their weapons capability - the laser was powered by Mr. Sumaruck's power production system.

I suggest you read, "Power Outages- We don't have to live with them". Start at the beginning but concentrate on page 3 for a discussion of Brazil's most recent large power outage involving a dam (poignant photographs of a major city in the dark).

This new Belo Monte Dam is unnecessary and will be ruinous. Note "The New York Times" article of April 17, 2010, where a Brazilian court is quoted as saying, (stopping the dam) "would do grave harm to the economy" and force us to use other forms of energy that "are more expensive and polluting."
The judge and the Brazilian court must be uninformed, since the amazing technology they possess causes no pollution and once installed, costs nothing.

Nor can the Brazilians say that they "need the power now" - it will take a long time for the completion of the dam project, longer than it would take to implement Zero-Amp Technology for Brazil's power needs.
Mr. Sumaruck is in the process of selling his technology. It is his hope that his invention will be developed so applications will reach average citizens of the world. Unfortunately since this invention makes oil, etc... redundant, many individuals want to suppress his technology.

And of course it is a shame that Brazil wants to keep this technology from it's own people. Mr. Sumaruck would receive no compensation or advantage if this technology is expanded in Brazil; it is out of his hands. But he would like Brazilians to know that the possibilities are potentially available to them.

Power outages are truly a thing of the past.

You will find a slightly different version of the power outage article on and where Mr. Sumaruck is the 2nd to be interviewed.


Charlotte Wilson

Addendum: Caveat - Due to the increasing number of requests from a variety of sources to include: the United States Government, charitable organizations, academic and religious institutions, let it be understood that Peter Paul Sumaruck will not provide his technology gratis to any groups or individuals.

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