Renewable Energy Bill
Date: Monday, November 12, 2001 @ 20:53:00 GMT
Topic: Legal

Important information coming from Thomas Valone, president of the Integrity Research Institute, regarding proposed improvements to the S.1333 Renewable Energy Bill introduced to the Senate.
We thank him for his personal efforts and assure him of ZPEnergy's support to promote this bill with these important proposed improvements. Please see below his letter to Senator Sarbanes describing the changes/additions to the bill and the attached file containing the proposed Renewable Energy Bill itself.
We encourage contacting (writing to) your Senator to express support for this bill with the suggested changes.

The debate over the energy legislation should be on the Senate floor on Tuesday. The Senate will begin looking at an economic stimulus bill and Republicans are expected to offer comprehensive energy legislation as an amendment to the package. Democrats and Republicans scheduled news conferences Tuesday to preview the debate to come.

Wednesday OPEC countries will have an extraordinary meeting in Viena, Austria. Would they announce production cuts as Russia recently did? Sooner or later it will certainly happen!

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