New experiment corroborates photon model of Quantum Ring Theory
Date: Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 15:14:18 GMT
Topic: Science

The light can have an "angular orbital momentum", a kind of rotation which is more similar to a planet orbiting the Sun than a planet gyrating about itself. 

This is the conclusion of a new experiment, published in Phys. Rev. Letters:
Unveiling a Truncated Optical Lattice Associated with a Triangular Aperture Using Light's Orbital Angular Momentum


This sort of light's angular orbital momentum detected in the experiments is according to the the model of photon proposed in Guglinski's Quantum Ring Theory...

In the model proposed in QRT, the photon is composed by a particle and an antiparticle, and they move with helical trajectory. 

They particle and antiparticle gyrate about the center of the helical trajectory ( like the planets gyrate about the Sun ).

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