New Relativity: article by C. Nassif published in Int Journal Modern Phys D
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 13:38:52 GMT
Topic: Science

The article DEFORMED SPECIAL RELATIVITY WITH AN ENERGY BARRIER OF A MINIMUM SPEED, by Dr. Claudio Nassif, was published by the International Journal of Modern Physics D, in July 2010.

The paper is concerning Nassif's new version for the relativity: Symmetrical Special Relativity ( SSR ), where the space is fullfiled by an aether.

Look the Nassif's review in Barnes & Noble, on Quantum Ring Theory:


I am the author of Symmetrical Special Relativity, which first paper was published by the journal Pramana in July 2008 under the title: 'Deformed special relativity with an invariant minimum speed and its cosmological implications'.

We, theoretical physicists, develop theories by using the mathematics, some theorems, many axioms, supporting fundamental principles, but there is not a physical reality underlying our theories. Actually one of achievements of the 20th Century is that a physical reality is unattainable in Modern Physics. But Guglinski's theory just supplies physical models to Theoretical Physics. In his theory are proposed physical models for the photon, the fermions, the neutron, the hydrogen atom, the nucleus, and the aether, and his QRT proposes the fundamental principles from which those physical models work.

My SSR and Guglinski's QRT are complementary. A future consistent agglutination of SSR and QRT will perform a New Grand Unified Theory which, if confirmed by experiments, will constitute the New Physics of the 21th Century.

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