Spatial Energy Coherence
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010 @ 22:46:45 GMT
Topic: Science

Via This Patent Pending technology is an educational way to open the window to the "Energy Lattice" and allow the coherence of a greater amount of energy. Applications include research and development, electrolysis, battery charging, and efficient light circuits. All licenses are available from Stiffler Scientific. / PDF Course - Further before we even get started, Dr. Stiffler wishes to state for the record that you cannot create or destroy energy, but you can tap other forms that are not currently understood or utilized. Very, very simply put, the interface is capacitive and all matter is surrounded by unlimited amounts of energy in different forms. With a proper interface some of this energy can be cohered and utilized.

This understanding puts Dr. Stifflers system in the category of a C.O.P (Co Efficiency of Performance) energy pump, which is operating as an open system. This does not violate the law of thermo dynamics, or the law of the conservation of energy. Dr. Stifflers ultimate goal from all associate experimenters that are collectively aiding in the replication of his system is to acquire sufficient data in order to publish a paper on 'Spatial Energy Coherence' (SEC). The SEC Theory Paper by Dr. Stifflers will be presented with the hope of advancing the faculties’ education. Dr. Stiffler in his research and coming SEC Theory prefers to replace the concept and term of C.O.P. with a new term called CEC or 'Cohered Energy Coefficient'), which is a far more accurate way of looking at the Cohered Energy recovery and utilization. CEC is a simple mathematical description indication what appears to be energy gain but is rather the Coherence of a different form of energy into a form that can be added to and used by one or more of the circuits developed by Dr. Stiffler. Dr. Stiffler believes (as do others) that the connotation of OU (Over Unity) is a bad acronym, the reason being that it could give the impression that something is obtained from nothing and by doing so we can obtain what is also a misnomer 'A self running' machine or device. The universe in which we exist is full of energy, but in many ways it like a vitamin K injection, until you have one, the energy that you feel is not present in any other way. There is a FINITE amount of energy in the universe, which is defined by the mass of the universe, we cannot change that, but we can convert one form to another that in our limited view appears to be that old and out dated description called 'OU'. SEC Exciters (Do Not) create energy; they do not amplify energy either. Think of an Exciter as causing a door to open slightly and allowing a natural energy to leak through into the circuit. - Full Article Source

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