Quantum Ring Theory seems to be confirmed in LHC
Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 @ 20:31:44 GMT
Topic: Science

The last experiment in the LHC has found about 18.000 sub-particles after the collision of lead ions.

It's a quantity very higher than predicted in the current theories.

According to the current theories, the quantity of fundamental particles is limited, because particles like (for instance) the electron are not compounded by sub-particles.

These firsts results obtained in the LHC seems to indicate that such hypothesis is wrong.

In Quantum Ring Theory the space is filled by an aether, which is compounded by massless particles and antiparticles.  They produce the electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields.  And their agglutination perform the bodies of other particles, like quarks, mesons, protons, electrons, etc.

Therefore, according to Quantum Ring Theory, the higher is the energy of collisions between lead ions, then higher is the quantity of sub-particles produced in the collisions.

When the LHC will run at twice of the power that it works today, such prediction of QRT can be verified

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