ZPE motor with 1.07 kW
Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 @ 21:15:43 GMT
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Dr. Claus W. Turtur writes: Dear colleague,

yesterday I published the theory to construct a ZPE-motor with 1.07 kW in the size of a drilling-machine. The concept is based on my former DFEM-theory.

I hope you will enjoy to read it and to tell it to everybody - maybe also to build such a machine.

"DFEM-Simulation of a Zero-point-energy Converter with realisable Dimensions and a Power-output in the Kilowatt-range"

The link to the publication is here:


Sincerely yours


In precedent work, the author presented a method for the theoretical computation of zero-point-energy converters, called Dynamic Finite-Element-Method (DFEM). In several articles some examples for the conversion of zero-point-energy have been demonstrated, which deliver an output power in the Nanowatt- or in the Microwatt- range, which is a fundamental proof of the principle, but not sufficient for any technical application.

The way towards a powerful zero-point-energy converter in the Kilowatt-range needed some additional investigation, of which the results are now presented. Different from former fundamental basic research, the new converter has to be operated magnetically, because the energy-density of magnetic fields is much larger the energy-density of electrostatic fields, namely by several orders of magnitude.

In the article here, the author presents step by step the solution of the theoretical problems, which now allows the theoretical construction of a zero-point-energy converter in the Kilowatt-range. The result is a model of a zero-point-energy motor with a diameter of 9 cm and a height of 6.8 cm producing 1.07 Kilowatts.

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