Climate Change in an Economy of Total Collapse
Date: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 @ 22:25:45 GMT
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A total economic collapse is sometimes called a reverse economic pyramid when the debt of each country is not supported by the value of the infrastructure we have built, or the value of manufactured goods. To address the debt and to address the problem of a changing climate, we must grow the economy by producing goods of worth in a value added fashion.

In the new economy, there are few natural resources left, and there are few jobs unless we grow the economy from the bottom up and learn that clean energy and innovation are the doorway to prosperity.

We must create these new jobs soon and put America back to work. That is why President Obama is meeting with the worlds leaders and industry. Our leaders are planning a cooperative effort to restore trust in government and build on the most up to date technology to help us find a New America that is in transition to sustainable growth and sustainable use of our natural resources.

The evironmental problems we have tried so hard to address and problems in the economy that are not going to go away any time soon on their own, so we must act with due diligence to shore up the world’s economy by insuring each person access to affordable health care, and a high paying job if they are able to work and want to serve in the enterprise of rebuilding America and restoring it’s financial foundation.

There are those individuals that have been out of employment for some time because their skills are no longer relevant to changing times. They lack the training to do the difficult work that is before us in rebuilding America.

This is why The President wants to assure each individual the education he or she needs to participate in an economic recovery that starts perhaps slowly, but continues to grow in an exponential fashion, by learning about a new science of building atom by atom.

Each industrial country will soon join in the enterprise of forming from seemingly nothing the everyday things that are found in department stores, hardware stores, and clothing stores.

By creating the things we need most in this manner, we can grow the economy and rebuild the trust in government that lately has dissipated unexpectedly and restore an environment that has in some cases become a dumping ground for industrial chemicals. The petrochemical industry has served our best interests for over one hundred years, but times are changing.

So we must strive to reinvent industry and we must do these things now while we still have the resources, because oil supplies are diminishing and there is no more cheap and easy oil. The day has come to reinvent the oil business.

Instead of using oil to drive our cars and trucks, trains and ships, electric vehicles that run on clean energy and are on the drawing board right now and in the planning stage in research and development sites, and will soon be available in towns across America. Pay attention to the newspaper and the media because across America and around the world the tide of change is coming in, and industry is being swept up in a wave of enthusiasm in the future.

America is in transition from a period from second rate technology to an America that is founded on common sense. The things we have made for the last generation are degrading and our roads and bridges need to be replaced.  To do the great work before us, innovation must be seeded in the minds of the young at heart and the young in body.

It is our children and their children that will inherit our legacy, so we must leave them something better than bickering in Washington and crumbling infrastructure, and come together as one people in a spirit of compromise and cooperation to build the great works that will be left to those who come after us in the next generation.

We are not going to build our roads and bridges with recycled concrete. We are going to build them out of glass. These glass roads and bridges will last many generations to come and be enjoyed by our children, and our children’s children, who will thank us for leaving to them this legacy.

If we start now, we can rebuild trust and value in the economy and have an economy based on the value of our work and the value of our commodities at home and abroad. And we will have something to export that is desirable everywhere in every country, and we will restore America to its place in the world as a true innovator.

We have the best minds working on world problems, and new products are being developed in our labs right now. A spirit of hope in our future and in innovation is taking root and start up companies are being born everywhere in clean energy technologies that will grow the economy, creating high paying jobs, and America and the world is going back to work.

We cannot live in the past forever. As a civilization, we have come of age. We must now face up to the responsibility of restoring the environment and rebuild planet earth.
Changing climate threatens the livability of planet earth. So must we find the right answers now and face our problems head on and dive into the froth.

We will find the right answers soon and we will take the test over, because we have just made a zero on the test. Our resolve is strong and the state of freedom was never more important. There are those who would put another brick in the wall and try to stop change. This has happened in the past. But we are resolved and as a nation that we must work together in a spirit of cooperation and reinvent the economy and restore our earth to a place of glory and beauty once more.

We must all join in the effort and save the earth from ruin. This must be our pledge. This must be our commitment. In order to achieve a greater prosperity and a brighter tomorrow we must come together and reinvent our economic system and our world, so that we can achieve collectively what we could never do individually.

Our survival depends on the common ideas, to change the world to a better place. Ultimately, in order to survive we must learn to cooperate. To cooperate, we must change, and to change we must commit.

Unless we commit our society to perusing a greater purpose than self, our civilization will crumble and die. The decision belongs to all of us and this is the hour of decision. This may be our final hour, but it can be our finest hour.

What will the world be like if we do not change? "This is a picture of the house no one wants because the new world is made of glass, PYRX glass. This man’s house is virtually worthless."

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