Pinoy free energy invention causes sensation on YouTube
Date: Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 23:16:57 GMT
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Via A little over three months ago, googling “Ismael Aviso” would have you come up with a couple of YouTube videos showing a stationary, skeletal-looking car with a running engine fed not with petroleum but with power apparently coming from a box of capacitors and a thick, horizontal antenna that collects and harnesses free-flowing energy. Inventor Ismael Aviso created a small prototype vehicle using just one 12-volt battery which is recharged by ambient RF energy.

...Engineer Ismael Aviso is a Microwave engineer and Industrial Automation designer invented the GREAT REPELLING FORCE OF FYMEGM ENERGY. It just a matter of time we can drive a Car without Gasoline and pollution. FYMEGM energy been featured in Chan2, NET25, Chan4 and many newspaper like Bulletin. Witnessed and verified by three UP Professor including Dr. Scoto, Electronic and Electrical Professor Ismael discovered a new repelling force which has been coined by Ismael as the "FYMEGM ENERGY force". This technology is capable of powering an electric car engine with out the need for fuel. The Tests in Ismeal's video have confirmed that the unit is able to run on capacitors alone without the need for batteries.

From his web site: So far only FYMEGM ENERGY (electromagnetic energy principle) can be the promising alternative repelling energy force now in the world. In terms of consumption and availability of materials. No one can produce a repelling force from a small battery (64 watts only ) that repel a 1 kilo object up to more than 25 feet high WITHOUT DISCHARGING THE SMALL BATTERY, Only FYMEGM ENERGY can do that now.

Once this repelling force applied into a rotating engine 60 times per second. It can run a Car hundred kilometers without worry of battery discharging. He said real road test by the prototype will coming soon. - Full Article Source

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