Strong Recommendation for Very Important Research
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I find this older letter from Tom Bearden's site worth re-posting, even if just for the great references it contains: Strong Recommendation for Very Important Research by Julián Alejandro Mancilla Rendón/ Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 17:24:25 -0500

To: Dr. Jose Antonio Heredia Rojas, Dr. Donato Saldívar Rodríguez, Dr. Med. José Gerardo González González, Dr. Juan Manuel Alcocer Gonzalez, Dr. Patricia Tamez Guerra, c/o: Ulián Alejandro Mancilla Rendón,

Respected Sirs:

I highly recommend that you strongly support the further biophysics research of Julián Alejandro Mancilla Rendón, as he is now approaching what can be a giant advance in medical biochemistry to cure diseases. At the same time, the same process is capable of solving the world fuel/energy crisis by a new way of causing the water molecule’s O-H bond to simply “fall apart” or, more technically, “unhappen” from the modern physics view. All that is necessary is to “tickle” the local Dirac Sea of the vacuum in which the water resides, with tiny RF pulses. Each is a sharp gradient across a region of vacuum/space. This pops out electrons from some of the involved Dirac Sea holes, leaving behind the holes (which are negative mass-energy electrons). As a source charge, a negative mass-energy charge emits negative energy photons, so that the associated EM fields are negative energy fields.

This process places a “covering froth” of negative EM energy in that affected region occupied by the water molecules. The negative energy added also adds its negative probabilities, thus adding the probability of “unhappening” an already established and continually sustained physical reality condition. This applies to chemistry, biochemistry, physics, energy, electrodynamics, and just about every other part of modern science. It also will be of the utmost benefit to all humanity. Very important work in this area or related to it is undergoing by Dr. John Kanzius and by Dan Solomon.

Since 1934, physics has arbitrarily (and erroneously) tossed out negative energy because the earlier theoretical physicists were astonished at, and thoroughly feared and hated, the negative probabilities that do accompany negative vacuum energies. At first Dirac defended negative vacuum energy (it occurred naturally in his own theory) for awhile. Quoting Dirac:

“Negative energies and probabilities should not be considered as nonsense. They are well-defined concepts mathematically, like a negative of money." [P. A. M. Dirac, “The physical interpretation of quantum mechanics.” Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A, Vol. 180, 1942, pp. 1-40.]

But Dirac was subjected to such vicious and unrelenting attacks by eminent scientists such as Heisenberg and Pauli that he was forced to reverse himself and arbitrarily (by artifice) lamely attempt to remove negative energy from his own work. Quoting Dirac many years later, about being driven to this impasse:

“I remember once when I was in Copenhagen, that Bohr asked me what I was working on and I told him I was trying to get a satisfactory relativistic theory of the electron, and Bohr said ‘But Klein and Gordon have already done that!’ That answer first rather disturbed me. Bohr seemed quite satisfied by Klein’s solution, but I was not because of the negative probabilities that it led to. I just kept on with it, worrying about getting a theory which would have only positive probabilities.” [Conversation between Dirac and J. Mehra, Mar. 28, 1969, quoted by Mehra in Aspects of Quantum Theory, ed. A. Salam and E. P. Wigner, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1973].  

Please examine the published works of Dan Solomon, rigorously pointing out the necessity to restore negative energy to physics, quantum field theory, etc. because mathematically the vacuum can and will take on negative energy and thus utilize negative probabilities also.

Dan Solomon (Rauland-Borg Corporation, Skokie, IL) writes:

“In Dirac’s hole theory (HT), the vacuum state is generally believed to be the state of minimum energy. It will be shown that this is not, in fact, the case and that there must exist states in HT with less energy than the vacuum state. It will be shown that energy can be extracted from the HT vacuum state through application of an electric field.” Comment: Adding a field (e.g., a gradient of a potential) across a region of space is a violation of Lorentz symmetry, since the “uniformity” of the vacuum energy density is directly altered in that region. Solomon references work in this area, performed by himself and several other researchers, for some time (since 1999).
     Quotation: “In Dirac’s hole theory (HT), the vacuum state is generally believed to be the state of minimum energy. …this is not, in fact, the case and states [exist in HT] with less energy than the vacuum state. …energy can be extracted from the HT [hole theory] vacuum state through application of an electric field.” [Dan Solomon, “Some new results concerning the vacuum in Dirac’s hole theory,” Physica Scripta, Vol. 74, 2006, p. 117-122].

Dan Solomon. (1999). “Negative energy density for a Dirac-Maxwell field.” July 18, 1999.

Dan Solomon, "The stability of the QED vacuum in the temporal gauge," Dan Solomon, Rauland-Borg Corporation, 3450 W. Oakton, Skokie, IL USA 

Dan Solomon, "The Difference Between Dirac’s Hole Theory and Quantum Field Theory" (Dan Solomon, Rauland-Borg Corporation); in Frontiers in Quantum Physics Research, Eds Frank Columbus and Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, Nova Science, Hauppauge, NY, Apr. 2004.

For other references by Dan Solomon, see the following links:

For a strong statement of this unbelievably great error involved in removing negative energy from physics, see Hotson’s exposé on how negative energy was discarded from physics. Quoting:

“I think if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac’s equation.” [D. L. Hotson, “Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20. Available at . The second part of the article is D. L. Hotson, “Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy”, Part II, New Energy, Issue 44, 2002, pp. 1-24.  Available at

Let us now return to Kanzius’ method of adding a covering “froth” of negative EM energy and negative probabilities to the local QEVD’s pattern and activity.

In Kanzius’ method, the “region of small RF pulses” process we described adds – to the ongoing positive energy statistical interactions and positive probabilities” -- a “froth” of negative EM energy fields (the so-called “dark energy” that our astrophysicists seek so diligently through their telescopes) and negative mass-energy charges (the so-called “dark matter” they also seek so diligently – and cannot find because they arbitrarily assume positive mass-energy and positive EM energy fields). This negative energy froth is added directly onto the specific vacuum interaction pattern of positive energy (and positive probabilities) underlying processes within the RF pulsed region.

Look at water this way, in accord with the modern quantum electrodynamic vacuum (QEDV). Any observable object – such as an electron or the O-H bond results in an H-O-H molecule – is known to be based on an underlying plethora of dynamic statistical positive energy processes. The higher the addition of energy, the higher the probabilities for larger objects such as the water molecule with its O-H bond as the strongest bond. In short, any observable object is being continually created and sustained by those underlying “positive probability” interactions.

Now, adding a froth of negative EM energy to the exact “dynamics and form” of that positive energy dynamics in the underlying statistical processes, starts “unhappening” and “uncreating” the highest positive energy situation first. So this starts “unhappening” the actual O-H bonds of the water molecule, and they “vanish” due to alteration and change of the local vacuum interactions that are creating and sustaining the observable phenomena.

The result is that the O-H bond is “unhappened” and simply vanishes by the activity of the now-added negative probabilities. As a result, without the presence of the O-H bond, the water molecules start freely falling apart into H2 and O2 gases bubbling up together throughout the liquid water. For a small amount of invested RF pulse energies to obtained the modified Dirac Sea, one can get a much higher energetic effect in the resulting free or nearly free dissolution of the water molecules by unhappening their O-H bonds, and then simply burning the resulting mix of H2 and O2 gases as a totally clean “fuel”.

The mix of H2 and O2 in the liquid (i.e., in this negative-energy vacuum region) is not very explosive at all. To “explode”, the H2 and O2 gas bubbles that are mixing would have to form new O-H bonds, that that is severely prohibited in this activated region.

But now just pipe the mixed H2 and O2 a few inches away from that altered and “magic” negative energy vacuum area -- say, into the combustion chamber of an automobile – and this mix of hydrogen and oxygen gas is again back in a normal “positive energy” vacuum region. And there, the O-H molecular bond is already “favored” by the ongoing positive probabilities of the positive vacuum energy in the region.

So the H2 and O2 mix now will burn (in this normal positive energy vacuum region!) as a very proper and ideal hydrogen fuel, already with the correct oxygen mix for total combustion, and the combustion will produce an exhaust of pure water vapor out the exhaust pipe.

So we put water in, and out comes water vapor. A very, very clean process that can resolve or dramatically assist in resolving the escalating world energy crisis, and allowing us to salvage our present automobile engines, ship engines, etc. with only slight modifications.

Dr. John Kanzius has demonstrated this watergas process (he has developed a process precisely this way, using salt water) to a world expert in water chemistry. After rigorous testing, the expert pronounced it the greatest advance in water chemistry in the last 100 years. So with development and deployment of the process, much of our powering apparatus for our vehicles etc. can be salvaged, and their “fuel” can be inexhaustible salt water taken directly from the plentiful oceans. Since we replenish the water back to the atmosphere, then this becomes a most desirable biospheric process.

The same negative energy process is also used by Dr. Kanzius in his very important new cancer-cure process which is being developed by a legitimate and independent cancer research institute. Here again, in a region of tissue in which there appears a cancerous tumor, the tissue and the tumor (and their internal compositions) are being continually created and maintained by the usual statistical positive energy QEDV interactions having positive probabilities. The tumor is the more recent (latter) higher energy change, hence use of a negative energy local QEDV will unhappen the tumor first. By placing nanoparticles around the tumor area itself, and then interacting with these particles by inserted small RF pulses, Kanzius creates a perfectly matched negative energy froth on that region of the underlying sustaining and creating statistical positive energy QEDV interactions.

In the phase I trials just completed by the research institute, this process easily and efficiently cured 100% of the cancerous tumors in the laboratory test animals. It has also been hailed as the greatest advance in cancer treatment in the last century.

Ironically, in order to file and secure a patent on his process, Dr. Kanzius has to refer to “EM heating” as if that is what is removing the tumors. That is apparently the only thing that the patent office considers. Instead, Kanzius is using a much more fundamental and gentler process, which can eventually be adapted to very easily, cheaply, and readily treat and cure most dread diseases.

We repeat: In the future, as this technology and research develops, we may expect to be able to easily and cheaply treat and cure most present human illnesses, even those presently defying conventional medical and biochemical treatment.

The benefits of this use of “negative energy” QEDV thus represents one of the truly great advances in physics, chemistry, medicine, energy, and right across the entire scientific board. Indeed, as it is further developed it will allow the direct “engineering” of physical reality itself, in ways we presently have never even conceived of.

Note that the Kanzius process converts ordinary water (particularly salt water from the ocean) into pure H2 and O2 plus a little salt. The resulting H2 and O2 produced from the “unhappened” H-O-H bonds in the water molecule can be introduced a few inches distance away into the combustion chamber of a combustion engine, where the local vacuum is now “ordinary” and driving positive energy underlying fundamental processes. Hence in that “normal QEDV” area the resulting H2 and O2 gases will burn very cleanly as an ideal, totally clean fuel to power that engine (and a car, a ship, a train, etc.)

Again, this is very, very fundamental and highly important research which the named student is approaching. In modern physics and chemistry, anything physical, from elementary particles up to atoms up to molecules up to materials etc., really is continually being created and sustained as an underlying tremendous set of direct QEDV interactions. The vacuum is not to be regarded as a basic “emptiness” filled with separate virtual particles and their activity! Instead, the vacuum identically is those virtual particles and their ongoing statistical interactions and activities. And it organizes and “builds up” (with positive energy processes) all those virtual interactions into observable interactions, to continually create and sustain what we observe as “physical reality” itself.

Adding positive energy to the local vacuum means adding positive energy to these underlying statistical interactions that “make up” and “create and sustain” everything physical that we observe in that local region. So one gets higher and higher (larger and larger and more energetic) observable changes and things and entities in that “physical thing” in that region, as one builds up the positive energy and the positive probabilities in those underlying interactions. This is true, e.g., for a specific cancer growing in specific tissue. Both the tissue and the resulting later (and therefore higher positive energetic) cancer are directly and continually created and sustained by that active QEDV. And to the normal tissue creation and sustaining, there are additional positive vacuum energy interactions and their positive probabilities adding to generate and sustain that cancer.

So the positive energy vacuum continually “happens”, creates, and sustains everything physical that exists and continues to exist, be it living or dead.

If we then deliberately introduce a “fitting” negative energy into that underlying positive energy vacuum, we start to “unhappen” the desired observable entities and parts in reverse. The higher energy cancer (or other disease condition) will be “unhappened” first!!!

To be very specific: One holds up an empty water glass in one’s hand. How does one automatically think of it? One automatically thinks archaically of it as a “real, solid object – very concrete and real – independently existing in an emptiness”. But modern physics tells us that this view is totally false. There is no “emptiness” at all, but only that set of underlying QEDV interactions and their statistics.

We repeat: There is no such thing as a “hard, solid water glass existing in emptiness”, because there is no such thing as an emptiness. That glass is actually an entire set of those underlying and ongoing positive energy virtual vacuum interactions with their positive probabilities. When more positive energy is added, the increased probability of higher energy and higher scale observable things becomes increased, and when it reaches 100% that is certainty. At that point, when the probabilities for all the components and form and dynamics of that water glass reach 100%, there is a “real, observable, hard, solid water glass” existing there in our observation, and it is continually “existing” dynamically because it is continually being created and sustained. This is a more concrete physics expression of the “memory” that the recommended student is researching.

I believe the referenced student is very close to entering into the study of this “direct engineering of physical reality itself”. As such, that research is of the utmost importance to the scientific community, the progress of science, and to the untold benefit of all humanity.

I therefore urge you to fully support and sustain the vital research of this student, for both the benefit of science and all humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas E. Bearden

Lt. Col., U.S. Army (retired)

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