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Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011 @ 19:38:55 GMT
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This month features two newsworthy papers from the upcoming Conference on Future Energy:

The first Story #1 is quite surprising since this research group is the first to have replicated a ten-year old Russian journal article experiment on a Searl device that reported reduced temperature and magnetic walls surrounding the magnetic device. We encourage even a one-day attendance at this historic presentation on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

The Story #2 is also a breakthrough since everyone knows that the telomere strands at the ends of our DNA keep getting shorter with age and seem to determine our lifespan. Scott Kelsey will also be presenting on Tuesday, March 15, announcing his team's experimental results of an electromagnetic resonance treatment that lengthens telomeres.

Stories #3 and #4 show the great developments in solar energy by generating multiple electrons from a single photon and full spectrum conversion.

We give credit to Dr. Elliott Maynard for the #5 collection of energy-related neglected discoveries from the past year.

The last story #6 shows that cell phones do affect the brain by boosting brain activity. This reflects an important lesson from the 2010 Interphone study in bioelectromagnetics: "A small amount of almost any electromagnetic radiation is therapeutic while a large amount or longer EMF exposure tends to be considered "chronic" and a stress to the body." The Interphone study found "protective" effects from short term usage of cell phones, which the researchers found "perplexing"! My book on Bioelectromagnetic Healing is equally available to educate researchers and the general public.

Thomas Valone, PhD, PE

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