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Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 11:51:13 GMT
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This month we are featuring our latest release, Electrostatic Motors: Their History, Types and Principles of Operation by the late Professor Olef Jefimenko to whom we are indebted for permission to reprint this one-of-a-kind reference book...and what better way to describe the book but by offering a reprint from Popular Science magazine?
The second article is a valuable insight into a trend in physics, funded by DARPA, to bring quantum mechanics into mainstream macroscopic reality for the purposes of energy exchange using light. It is also intriguing since it mentions "zero-point energy, which gives an object residual motion even in its ground state." IRI predicts that the time will come when this residual energy and its corresponding negative energy states will be utilized by mankind.

The third and fourth articles emphasize how electric battery and fuel cell technology are growing by leaps and bounds. The A123 company that makes the KillaCycle batteries is one of the fastest growing battery companies because of their unique energy density product (ticker: "AONE") that powers the fastest-accelerating motorcycle (0 to 60 mph in one second!).
Nikola Tesla continues to influence the progress of energy and transportation even today in our last story with his difference engine that has been ignored until now. Toyota recognizes Tesla's ingenius design of a three magnetic phase motor that produces enough torque to obviate the need for rare-earth magnets that are becoming rare and expensive.


Thomas Valone, PhD, PE

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