Bill Gates on the Energy Crisis
Date: Saturday, May 07, 2011 @ 23:05:04 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

From Energy Digital, by John Shimkus: In his keynote speech at the WIRED Business Conference, Bill Gates gives his opinion on the energy crisis and world energy security.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates urges more investment be made into research and development in energy innovation rather than old technologies. This message came at the 2011 WIRED Business Conference in New York City. Gates warns that “cute” technologies, such as solar panels, LED lights, and energy efficient buildings are economic, but don’t address the bigger challenges faced by climate change.

... Even better, the promise of nuclear fusion reactors is a close reality, and some fusion options, including the controversial but resurfacing “cold fusion” process, do not produce any hazardous waste at all! What’s more exciting is the energy mysteries awaiting discovery at the quantum level as researchers are just now beginning to unravel the secrets of tapping into the quantum vacuum energy field—essentially harnessing the very power of the universe itself! These are the technological breakthroughs that will move human civilization into the next age.

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