The Electron as a point particle
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 13:48:52 GMT
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From ZPE scientist Hal Puthoff keyed on something in a prior email & post dealing with the 'electron as a point particle'. In his email he said this might be of interest and sent this pdf (from May 2007) which you can download as a PDF at; Casimir vacuum energy and the semiclassical electron.

Fascinating, it so sounds like a standing wave created from incoming zpe/aether which is reflected from the mass neutral center so they cancel at an outward boundary layer, the shell or circumference of the mass... I think best illustrated in this animated gif of a singularity or standing wave or soliton (even a scalar wave) choose the term. You can see the animated gif about half way down the page and described as 'the Standing Wave of Matter' at; The Neutral Center and the Aether Spectrum.

You know some of the hollow earth theories claimed exactly flows into the planet and is repulsed by the inner the incoming and outgoing currents cancel out to produce the outside shell WHERE GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST. And matter slowly accumulates floating free but over millenia/eons combines to create an internal earth and and external earth. Look at Raymond Bernards' diagram on this page; The Hollow Earth - Fact or Fiction.

I happen to think all mass is composed of standing waves that Keely claimed we could disrupt at various levels for varying effects, even to dissociation/disintegration of a mass. In a manner of speaking, Keely claimed all mass had a neutral center on which its 'skeleton' hung to fill with mass...

Quotes from the article;

"We are therefore led to conclude that, under the set of assumptions applicable to Casimir’s Shell Model II, an inwardly-directed, divergent, electromagnetic vacuum fluctuation radiation pressure stably balances the outwardly-directed, divergent coulomb pressure. (and to better understand, click on animation under Field of a Point Charge.)

Furthermore, it does so in such a manner that, even in the limiting case of the point particle electron, no contribution to the self energy of the electron results from the divergent coulomb field.

Thus a key requirement for the semiclassical electron model is met. As a result, to the degree that this result of the semiclassical analysis carries over to QED renormalization, it would appear that the additive infinite negative mass in the QED approach finds its source in a negative vacuum energy contribution as proposed in the Casimir model." - Full Article Source

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