New experiment corroborates photon model of Quantum Ring Theory
Date: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 @ 21:13:53 GMT
Topic: Science

The experiment: Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer

The photon model proposed in Quantum Ring Theory is composed by two corpuscles - a particle and its antiparticle - which move with helical trajectory.

Quantum Ring Theory proposes that all the elementary particles move with helical trajectory, which is responsible for the wave feature of matter.
Along the 20th Century it was considered that matter has a duality wave-particle, supposedly confirmed in some experiments with the electron, as the double-slit experiment.

When the electron crosses one unique slit, it behaves as a particle.
When the electron crosses two slits, it behaves as a wave.

According to Quantum Ring Theory, in the double-slit experiment the helical trajectory  is the responsible for the electron's wave behavior: when the electron crosses the two slits, it has interference with its own helical trajectory.

Now the physicist Aephraim Steinberg , from the Toronto University-Canada- made the double-slit experiment with photons, and the results show that Quantum Mechanics is wrong, while Quantum Ring Theory is correct, because:

1- According to Quantum Mechanics, a quantum particle can behave either as a particle or as a wave, but it cannot behave as wave and as a particle at the same time.

2- Unlike, as Quantum Ring Theory considers that the wave-particle duality is consequence of the helical trajectory, then the particle can have interference with its own helical trajectory when it crosses a slit. 
So, according to QRT, the quantum particle can behave as a wave and as a particle as the same time.

In the Steinberg experiment, a photon crossed a unique slit, and it had inferference with itself (a wave feature), while from Quantum Mechanics we would have to expect a particle feature only, since the photon crossed only one slit.

So, the experiment corroborates the photon model of Quantum Ring Theory, while it contradicts a fundamental principle of Quantum Mechanics, according to which a quantum particle cannot behave at the same time as a wave and as a particle

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