What Andrea Rossi is afraid of?
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 @ 20:57:41 GMT
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On 14th, 2011, at 10:21 PM , Mr. Paul Segers posted a comment in the Andrea Rossi's blog (Journal of Nuclear Physics), in the article A detailed Qualitative Approach to the Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions of H/Ni

Mr. Paul wrote in the end of his comment:

4. What amends (if any) do you think should be made for those who have been discredited by the scientific “community”, and who have devoted their careers and lives to LENR/COLD FUSION (I understand why you shy away from the branding). The case of the Fleischmann–Pons claims come to mind, and I sincerely hope you can put all of these “scientists” to shame within a year.

On the same day I have posted a reply to Mr. Paul, where I explained that Fleischmann and Pons were screwed by the media and the scientific community. Their cold fusion works, but the physicists undertook all the efforts so that to descredit their experiment (for instance, by claiming that there was error in the calorimeters).

And I also explained that Fleischmann and Pons technology is replicated in Jean-Louis Naudin website.

The difference with Rossi-Focardi experiment lies in the fact that Fleischmann-Pons technology is not so easy to replicate, and it is most expensive, since palladium is not cheap.

I finished my posting telling to Paul that “the scientific community in the future will ask for forgiveness to Fleischmann and Pons in the same way as the Church apologized to Galileo”

My comment was not approved by Andrea Rossi: he did not publish my reply to Paul.

In 28 June-2011 I have posted the following comment in his blog: 
Dear Dr. Andrea Rossi
In spite of you have a theory which perhaps can explain your cold fusion experiment with no need of a New Physics, however there are many other experiments that require a New Physics. For instance, we may mention among others the hydrino hydrides produced by BlackLight Power Inc, which existence does not fit to the concepts of Quantum Mechanics.

In 2008 I wrote a new book entitled THE MISSED U-TURN, in which I explain for the layman the foundations and some models proposed in my Quantum Ring Theory (published in 2006).

In 2009 the Telesio Galilei Academy of Sciences has intended to publish this new book of mine, by having a parternship with a London publishing house.


Unfortunatelly the publishing house had troubles in the 2009 crisis in Europe, and the book was not published.

As my English is not so good, the grammar and syntax of the book was reviewed by Dr. Jeremy Dunning-Davies, President of the Telesio Galilei Academy.

A version in Portuguese was published in Brazil in the end of 2008, with the title “A EVOLUÇÃO DA MECÃNICA QUANTICA- o duelo Schrodinger vs Heisenberg”


Now I am looking for a publisher again, because:

1- Cold fusion is becoming hot again, and it will be warmer in 2012, when the E-Cat will be working worldwide.

2- Besides, some new experiments (published after 2009) have corroborated my Quantum Ring Theory - as for instance the experiment published in Science in June-2011, which brought down the Bohr's Complementarity, predicted in my theory.

It seems it's the best time to try again to publish my book.

So, I would like to know if you can write some few words in the back cover of my book THE MISSED U-TURN.

Four months before to die in 2004, Eugene Mallove intended to publish my Quantum Ring Theory by the Infinite Energy Press. He made some comments on my work, as for instance:

1- “Guglinski has intriguing theories”

2- “I'm aware that Guglinski's hydrogen model has connection with the Mills hydrine hydrides”

A comment from you, Dr. Rossi, may help me to find a publisher for my book.

In this new book I also have incorporated some new discoveries which I made after the publication of Quantum Ring Theory, in 2006.

For instance, I write in the end of this book on the question of how gravity can help cold fusion occurrence (because from the models of my theory the gravity interactions have the same magnitude of the electromagnetic interactions).

Wladimir Guglinski

Andrea Rossi did not approve my comment: he did not publish it.

In June 26th, 2011 at 1:42 PM , Mr. Martin wrote:
"Dear mr Rossi,
Today is was thinking about your invention. I am very curious how it feels
when someone realises he invented something that can change the world.
What was your reaction at first time realising that?
Best regards

In 29 June-2011 I have posted the following reply to Mr. Martin:

Dear Mr. Martin
the E-Cat invented by Andrea Rossi produces more energy then it consumes. This is known in Physics as perpetual motion.

The most people believe that perpetual motion is a novelty, but it is not. More than 100 years ago Nicola Tesla already stated that perpetual motion is possible. He even had proposed in the beggining of the 20th Century to develop a techonogy based on such sort of energy exploration.

Many people know Tesla's coils, and believe that it's only an ordinary phenomenon explaiend by current theories of Physics. It's wrong. Tesla's coil cannot be explained by the current theories. Tesla's coils show that theories of Modern Physics are wrong.

Actually there is perpetual motion only according to current Modern Physics, because the current theories consider closed systems, where it is difficult to detect the flow of energy comming from outside of the considered system.

According to a New Physics to be developed based on the aether hypothesis, the Rossi-Focardi reactor (and many others engine, as for instance the magnetic motors) actually are not perpetual motion, because the energy comes from an unknown source yet (perhaps from the Sun; for instance, Tesla supposed that the radioactivity of the radioactivy elements is caused by the Sun).

Tesla's ideas had many followers along the 20th, all them trying to make reality his dream: to supply humanity with cheap energy. Among them, Fleischmann and Pons, who in 1989 published a paper showing cold fusion occurrence into an electrolytic cell. They had developed a cold fusion technology based on palladium.

Andrea Rossi is another follower of Tesla's idea. Rossi has developed a new cold fusion techonology based on Ni-H, cheaper and more efficient than that developed by Fleischmann and Pons.

And now, finally, after more than 100 years, Andrea Rossi will realize the Tesla's dream of supplying our planet with cheap energy for everybody.


Again, Andrea Rossi did not publish that my reply to Mr. Martin

It's seems Andrea Rossi is trying to convince everybody that he is a new Galileo. And he feels unconfortable when someone shows him he is not.

Some people are not satisfied with the gift they receive from God. They want more than God think they deserve

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