Astronomical observation suggests:Physics laws can change in the Universe
Date: Sunday, November 06, 2011 @ 10:07:15 GMT
Topic: Science

The new astronomical observation suggests that the laws of Physics are not the same in the whole Universe.

The article: Indications of a spatial variation of the fine structure constant:

Such conclusion corroborates the hypothesis that macrocospic gravity is resultant of the mixture of repulsive and attractive gravitons (they both interacting with forces of the magnitude of the electromagnetism).

Such hypothesis is proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.

Indeed, by supposing that the space (aether) is filled by a “soup” of repulsive and attractive gravitons, we may expect that such “soup” may have different concentrations (of repulsive and attractive gravitons) in some places of the Universe.

So, the density of the aether can be different in many places of the Universe, so that some constants of Physics can change.

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